Finlay Carson MSP

Galloway and West Dumfries

Carson calls on Ewing to make Solway an Electrofishing trial area

Fin and Boat Krk

Finlay Carson has urged Fishing Minister Fergus Ewing to make the Solway part of the new razor clam electrofishing trials. 

In a meeting yesterday Finlay made the case that the only way to tackle the daily cases of illegal electrofishing in Fleet and Luce Bay would be to make it one of the new trial areas.

Earlier this month the Scottish Government announced that a controlled trial of electrofishing for razor clams has been authorised that will investigate the size and potential for commercial razor clam production and ensure fisheries could be operated sustainably with appropriate harvest rates.

Marine Scotland are currently consulting with partner public bodies, including Scottish Natural Heritage, and with the Scottish Fishermen’s Associations to ascertain the best locations for trials to take place.

Since his election last May, Finlay Carson has been calling on the Scottish Government to take action to stop the current illegal electrofishing practices taking places in Scottish waters.

Commenting, Finlay Carson MSP said:

“I have met with Fergus Ewing to make the case that Fleet Bay and Luce Bay should be one of the sights of the new razor clam electrofishing trials.

“The Solway has been suffering at the hands of illegal electrofishing activities for years. This has the potential to be causing unmitigated damage to razor clam stocks in the area and action needs to be urgently taken to protect the fishery for the long-term. A controlled trial in the area would provide both the resources of Marine Scotland to police the fishery effectively, and provide some scientific evidence on the health of the stocks.”