Finlay Carson MSP

Galloway and West Dumfries

Finlay raises concerns over worsening GP crisis

Galloway and West Dumfries MSP Finlay Carson has raised concerns that the GP crisis across his rural constituency is only going to get worse.

New figures have revealed that there has been a 2.1% drop in the number of doctors in training as of September 2018, with the total standing at 6,009.

That is the lowest number since 2013, when 5984 were in training.

The Scottish Conservative and Unionists have consistently pressurised the SNP Government to put measures in place that would deliver much needed additional GP’s for rural health services in rural areas.

Mr Carson says the SNP Government have completely failed to prepare for the future in terms of the health workforce and the situation has the potential to become worse in the coming years.

Commenting Finlay Carson MSP said: “A lack of GP’s is one of the biggest issues facing my rural constituents and today’s figures highlight just how serious the problem now is.

“With the number of doctors in training at a five year low, this is only going to exacerbate the issues surrounding the failures to recruit enough GP’s across Galloway and West Dumfries.

“The SNP have been in charge of our health service for 11 years, but they have completely failed to prepare for the workforce challenges of the future.

“Mistakes are continuing to be repeated year on year, and we are facing a crisis in the coming years if the SNP Government does not put measures in place that will ensure more doctors are in training.”